Bookkeeping, Account Review, & Financial Reporting

Sales and Expenditure Classification
Working with your accounting staff we will review income and expenditures to ensure classification is appropriate for each item, review the tax and accounting treatment of each item, and recommend any necessary adjustments. This information will be placed into a separate database system to ensure an independent record of corporate financial performance.

Banking Reconciliations
Monthly accounts will be reconciled with actual statements to ensure accuracy of all financial reports and tax filings. We will thoroughly review statements to identify inconsistencies, fraud, or unforeseen jumps in revenue.

General Ledger Maintenance
We will maintain a tax basis general ledger that will be the database of record for your financial files. This will create a clean record of accounts, transactions, and account history that can be used for tax reviews, audit defense, lending institutions, and shareholder meetings.

Financial Statement Generation
On a regular basis, we will provide the management team with professional financial statements detailing the outcome of operations and current state of each entity. This will include a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of retained earnings.